Welcome to Nurses In The Park, Inc.

Who we are 

Established in 1989, Nurses In The Park, Inc. (NITP) is a growing company specializing in professional nursing care and paraprofessional home health care services.

Nurses In The Park, Inc. (NITP) views the human experience as holistic, dynamic and involving the interaction between individuals and their environment. The name Nurses In The Park, Inc. is symbolic in that it represents the relationship between nursing and the following goals.

Our Goals

1. To consistently utilize effective managerial and placement skills in providing services to clients.

2. To promote the continuous growth and development of our nursing personnel in order that we might maintain the highest
     standards of nursing care.

3. To coordinate with nursing staff and client and/or family members the need for changes or adaptations in the physical or
     psychosocial environment.

4. To utilize the nursing process to coordinate and implement care for our clients.

5. To treat our clients as respected and dignified members of the community.

We provide Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses, Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides of the highest quality. Nurses In The Park, Inc. uses their educational, experimental and initutive skills to ensure that clients receive the highest quality of care possible. All Nurses In The Park, Inc. professionals are dedicated to promoting biopsychosocial well being with whom they come in contact.

Nurses In The Park, Inc. is licensed by the New York State Department of Health and measures itself against exceedingly high standards for patient care and safety. Qualified staff is designated to monitor and supervise the delivery of services. Our Nurses are certified in and are familiar with the latest research and modern technologies.

Nurses In The Park, Inc. respects the rights and privacy of their clients. A Bill of Patient Rights and Responsibility is given to each client. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is also upheld. Clients' families are also encouraged to discuss their grievances regarding the safety, and, or quality of care given, with the NITP's administrator. Services are available to every patient regardless of race, age, color, creed, gender, religion, disability or sexual preferences.